In this episode of “Masters of Beauty,” we speak with Dr. Benjamin Paul who is New York City's finest hair transplant surgeon and one of the world's leading experts in hair transplantation.


Dr. Benjamin Paul is a surgeon director at HairCareMD, NYC's number one recommended hair restoration and transplant center on YELP.  He is a dual board certified in ENT and facial plastic surgery and is a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons.  He performs roughly 200 hair transplants a year and is committed to helping both men and women with hair loss.


In this podcast, Dr. Paul and I talk about all things hair! He shares his tips for best hair growth, when he likes to do FUT and FUE, and other topics on hair restoration for both men and women.


For more information about our guest, you can find more info about Dr. Benjamin Paul in the links below.





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