On this episode of ‘Masters of Beauty,’ Dr. Anil Shah speaks to Jay Campbell, founder of TOT REVOLUTION (TESTOSTERONE OPTIMIZATION THERAPY). Jay Campbell is a globally recognized media personality who has written multiple international best selling books within the optimization healthcare space. The TOT Bible and The TRT MANual are the #1 5 STAR rated books of all time on Hormonal Optimization. His newest book, Living a Fully Optimized Life: How to Break Free from Sick Care Medicine Before it Kills YOU is THE blueprint guide teaching men and women how to reclaim their personal health!

 Jay is also the Founder of “TOT Revolution” and the “TOT Revolution and Optimized Life Podcasts”. Jay is also a champion male physique competitor who along with his wife Monica co-founded FabFitOver40.com, the #1 site on the web for people who want high quality and scientifically backed information on staying fit above 40.


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